Priest Says He Went to ‘Hell’ After Near-Death Experience

A Michigan priest had a near-death experience and said he ended up someplace he assumed a priest would never go: Straight to hell.

Gerald Johnson suffered a heart attack in 2016, when his pit stop near the devil took place, he said. He is now revealing his experience on TikTok, which is of course going viral.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy,” Johnson said about his hellish death ride. “I don’t care what he did to me. No one deserves that.”

Johnson said his spirit left his body and traveled through the center of Earth after having the heart attacks, adding that what he saw next was “indescribable.”

He tried his best, anyway.

For starters, he saw a man walking like a dog on all fours. The man was also on fire.

“His eyes were bulging and worse than that: He was wearing chains on his neck,” Johnson said. “He was like a hellhound. There was a demon holding the chains.”

Priest Says He Went to ‘Hell’ After Near-Death Experience

@geraldajohnson1 My experience when I saw hell in February 2016. I’ll never be the same after that. #hell #jesus #unforgiveness #forgive #godsaid #encouragement #geraldajohnson #jesuslovesyou #moveforward ♬ original sound – Gerald Johnson

Johnson added that he also saw a section in hell where music was playing, “but as opposed to entertainers singing it,” the music was being performed by demons. That led Johnson to believe that a lot of the music and lyrics are inspired by demons. In hell, he said, every song was intended to torment those there.

“I saw the real hell,” Johnson said. “I was there.”

Here’s to praying he never sees it again.

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