Someone Actually Made a Pringles Can Tumbler For Your Wine and I’m LIVING

The beginning of 2019 started out with a bang. R. Kelly got dropped from his record label, the government shut down was still in full effect and America was introduced to a Texas hero we didn’t deserve. One Texas woman decided that she wanted to spend Friday morning, at 9am mind you, driving around the parking lot on an electric shopping cart chugging a bottle of wine out of a Pringles can.

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The woman, who was later found in a nearby restaurant, was promptly asked to never visit the store ever again. However, that didn’t stop her from driving her pringles-chugging, electric shopping cart into our hearts.

Fans from all over the country joined in to celebrate her, many looking to social media to rally. Austin Luxury Limousine set up a Facebook event at an Austin Walmart location, asking people to share a Pringle’s drink with friends.

Even Pringles got in on the hubbub, sharing a social media post of two cans of Pringles with wine stems.

But that’s nothing like what this one Etsy user made to celebrate the love of using a Pringles can as a wine glass.

Celeste Powers, the owner of The Cup Artist, specializes in custom monogram cups, tumblers, and mugs. She created her own version of the Pringles wine glass and we wanna buy them all.

The 20oz. tumblers are a slim shape and come complete with a lid and straw. And don’t freak out about keeping your white wine chilled, double wall vacuum seal technology will keep it nice and cold.

The tumblers are custom coated and UV printed, which means that the decal will never peel off. Celeste recommends hand-washing the cups and reframing from putting them in the microwave ” unless you’re in the need for a little excitement.”

Buy Your Own Pringles Wine Tumbler Here. 

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