Race Car Falls Into Hotel Pool After Straps Snap in Parking Lot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Gentlemen, start your engines. But you may need to make sure your engines aren’t hanging out in the hotel pool first.

That’s what happened when a car set to be driven by Cameron Leytham in the 55th annual Snowball Derby came off its trailer, drifted backwards through the parking lot, and submerged in the pool at the hotel in Pensacola, Fla.

At least, that’s the explanation being given as to why the No. 8 machine ended up in the deep end (and likely part of the shallow, too). Apparently, the straps on the back of the trailer that held the car snapped, leading to the incident.

Race Car Falls Into Hotel Pool

Yes, the front of the car features Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty fame. Somewhat comically, the hood reads, “Look at me.” And everyone did.

Anyway, Leytham confirmed the incident in a Facebook post.

“So the rumors are true unfortunately the straps broke,” he wrote. “The car went for a little swim. We are working on it and trying to get it rebuilt now.

“Got the motor back together and in now the transmission is out.”

The Snowball Derby runs from Dec. 2-4 at the noted asphalt short track in Pensacola. This is interesting though, can you imagine waking up one day, going outside, and seeing a huge car in the middle of the pool? That is quite a story to tell, still, the poor dude who was responsible for this was probably fired. Not a good day in the office, indeed! A for effort, my dude.

(Cameron Leytham/Racing News)

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