This New ‘Yelp’ App Will Help You Find Friendly Places To Avoid ‘MAGAphobics’ '63Red'/ Amazon
'63Red'/ Amazon

Well Trump supporters, it looks like today is your lucky day. MAGA hat fanatics have made it a point to protect other conservatives from those who have different political beliefs. There is now a new app that ensures they only patronize establishments where the ‘Make America Great Again’ hats are welcome.

The new app, Called ’63red Safe’, is said to be a Yelp-style app that gives reviews on whether restaurants and other local businesses are Trump-friendly or not. I mean, it’s no secret that these obnoxious red hats have had a negative reputation since the president began wearing him during his campaign.

Founder Scott Wallace, notes that it stems from conservatives claiming they are treated with “MAGAphobia” in several businesses. (Yes, this is seriously a thing and it’s so stupid, but whatever, if you say so.) Wallace says he hopes it will be a way to protect wearers from “socialist goon squads” which is why he created an app that marks restaurants as “unsafe” or “safe” based on answers to four questions. These questions include:

  1. Does this business serve persons of every political belief?
  2. Does this business allow legal concealed carry under this state’s laws?
  3. Will this business protect its customers if they are attacked for political reasons?
  4. Does this business avoid political in its ad and social media postings?

So yeah, sort of like Yelp, but instead of reviewing the food on the menu, you review the people in the restaurant. Now, it’s highly appreciated that the questions are not liberal or conservative, rather ask if the business has political leanings of any kind and whether the customs feel safe. This even if they don’t agree with the politics of the business. Which I mean, I agree to some (SOME) extent. But, since when did ‘safe’ become synonymous with firearms on the premises? Yeah, that’s just ridiculous.

“63red Safe” is available for Android and Apple users and can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Since it’s launch at the beginning of the month, the app has gained over 5,000 reviews and is part of a series of apps named “63Red” that includes a news aggregator and a messenger service.

Honestly, I don’t know guys, this is too ridiculous. Do we really see Donald Trump supporters being targeted that much in public that we need a whole unnecessary app to tell them they are safe? Just because Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is asked to leave a restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a hate crime. Maybe it just had to do with the toxic and harmful statements the President has said about immigrants, people of color, women, marginalized groups, and people with disabilities? I don’t know, just saying.


Seems to me like users just want another reason to start an awful argument about nothing at all. Get rid of those damn hats once and for all. If only you could see me rolling my eyes.

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