Valerie Smith apparently considers it her right to use the N-word because she claims to have transformed a street she termed a “rodent-infested dump” into a nice place to live.

Smith is running for the Village Board in Southampton, Long Island, and says she is entitled to use the racial slur as she did in calling police because she is a “pioneer.” The candidate for June 16 election placed a call to Village Police last summer and used the N-word to describe a group of black men who were standing in front of her home in the Hillcrest neighborhood, according to The Southampton Press.

After the newspaper obtained a recording of her phone call, Smith, a white woman, acknowledged that she made the call and that she used the slur. The newspaper reported that she defended her use of the word and even used it several more times during the interview.

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She made the call to police to have them disperse “a bunch of n—–s” standing in front of her house drinking “Hennessy.”

Listen to the phone call below:

Smith, 53, told the newspaper that she should be able to use the derogatory term whenever she wants.

“Now, all of a sudden, I can’t use it?” Smith said in a phone interview Friday. “Sorry — I live in a black neighborhood. I came here and didn’t see color.”

Smith, who moved into a mostly African-American part of town nearly six years ago, has called police between 100 and 200 times, complaining about litter, noise, illegal parking and public drinking, Southampton Village Police Department Lieutenant Chris Wetter told the newspaper.

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“I came into this neighborhood colorblind,” Smith told the newspaper. “When you are a pioneer like I am, it’s not easy. I’m the only white person who owns and lives on this street.”

Smith relayed several stories to the newspaper, saying one time when she couldn’t sleep because of the noise coming from outside her home she encountered the noisemakers and said, “You f—— n—–s!” And they all left.

Another time she told a man she suspected to be in his 30s: “I know you’re a good guy, but you don’t behave like that … If you want to behave like that, you’re going to be a n—-r.”

A white woman running for office in New York says using the N-word is all good Facebook/Screenshot/Valerie Smith

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