An NBA legend’s brutally honest take on Confederate statues has the internet freaking out (AP Photo/Matt York)

Former basketball star Charles Barkley recently weighed in on an argument that has the entire nation riled up–the removal of Confederate statues.

“I’m not going to waste my time worrying about these Confederate statues…I’m going to keep doing great things, number one in the black community because I’m black,” Barkley said.

He continued: “I’m not going to waste my time worrying about a neo-Nazi who’s going to hate me, no matter what.”

When asked if the best option is just to leave the statues up and ignore them, Barkley answered, “I’ve always ignored them. I’m 54 years old, I’ve never thought about those statues a day in my life. I think if you ask most black people, to be honest, they haven’t thought a day in their life about those stupid statues.”

The internet response has been divided, as the comments under the Fox News post show.

“That’s because all you did was play basketball. You chose not to educate yourself and now that you know the truth you still don’t care. They like people like you. That’s like putting a statue of Osama Bin Laden at ground zero so we can remember 9/11. Trump supports the KKK,” Gerald Stanley wrote.

“Question, there was an African American in office for 8 years why didn’t they do anything? How come now the statues are all of a sudden a huge problem?” Andrew Conyngham asked.

“Republicans are easily triggered by Confederate Monuments….they are ‘Participation Trophies’ for losers. The Confederates lost….last place…..get over losing the War! 😂” Carlos Basemore said.

“That’s because you weren’t being ‘paid’ to notice! You think all of this just ‘happened’??? I don’t think so. This part of the Resistance that Hillary Clinton and George Soros are paying for and orchestrating!” Shirley Ping commented.

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Barkley has weighed in before on the confederate statue/flag debate. In 2004, he stated that he was on his way to a NASCAR race and turned around when he saw 10 Confederate flags.

Barkley was a star player with the Philadelphia 76ers and then with the Pheonix Suns where he earned the NBA Most Valuable Player award.

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