Rick Saccone st. vincent college Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Rate My Professor/screenshot; Creative Commons
Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Rate My Professor/screenshot; Creative Commons

On Tuesday, the nation will turn its eyes to the Pittsburgh suburbs where Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone are vying for the congressional seat in PA’s 18th district.

Lamb and Saccone are neck-and-neck in the polls, despite the fact that Trump won the district by 20 points in the 2016 election. Lamb is a young lawyer and former Marine while 60-year-old Saccone is a state rep. in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives. For a while, Saccone was a professor at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania — a fact that we stumbled across after taking a peek at his latest financial disclosure.

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Like all professors, Saccone has a page on — a site where college students review their educators. Saccone’s profile even boasts a coveted chili pepper, meaning that at least one of his students thought he was sexy. An average of 17 reviews puts Saccone’s score at a 3.6, which is pretty decent. The average professor rating at St. Vincent is 3.57, so Saccone rings in right at the middle of the pack. The reviews date from 2006-2010.

Most of the students gave Saccone good reviews, here’s how he stacked up:

  • 8 students said Saccone was awesome
  • 3 students said Saccone was good
  • 2 students said Saccone was average
  • 1 student said Saccone was poor
  • 3 students said Saccone was awful

The students who gave Saccone an “awesome” rating boasted about his clarity and noted that though attendance is mandatory, he’s a good teacher. One of those students admitted that Saccone is “kind of opinionated.” Two of the “awesome” reviews did not leave a comment.

The students who leveled the “poor” and “awful” ratings on Saccone didn’t pull their punches in the comments. One claimed that Saccone “has no working knowledge of political science” and that “he believed that judicial review was written into the constitution.” Another student wrote simply “this dude seems to like torture.” One former pupil claimed that “if you don’t write what his views are, you won’t do well” and two suggested that Saconne’s classes consisted largely of showing the students History Channel videos.

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