Rare “Super Twins” Conceived Three Weeks Apart

Rebecca Roberts, a woman from Wiltshire, England, has given birth to so-called “super twins” conceived three weeks apart. Roberts’ fertility treatments last year resulted in her getting pregnant twice! The unique twins were born in September but are now going trending on social media.

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A Baby Miracle

Roberts, who is 38, and her husband Rhys Weaver had trouble conceiving a baby naturally. So The couple went to a fertility clinic in Bath, England where Roberts has prescribed a drug to induce ovulation. And on her first cycle, Roberts became pregnant! But, she told CBS News, “This is the fun part. I found out there was a second baby at my 12 weeks scan.”

Roberts had already undergone two scans, both of which only showed the original baby boy, who has been named Noah. She was excited for this first child, not realizing a second was also on the way. That’s when the couple learned about the possibility of a “superfetation pregnancy” in which the fertilization of a second conception can occur. “All of a sudden I have twins and now they are super special rare twins. It felt magical,” Roberts said.

The Rare Fraternal Twins

Most fraternal twins are fertilized from two different sperm during single ovulation. But not Noah and Rosalie Roberts. These “super-twins” were not conceived at the same time. As such, when Roberts gave birth, the younger fetus — a baby girl named Rosalie — was just 2 pounds and 7 ounces. An issue with her umbilical cord had forced doctors to deliver early and so her brother Noah was also small, at 4 pounds and 10 ounces. Both babies were cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit of Bath Royal United Hospital. And though both babies are thankfully healthy, the second twin Rosalie was still seeing a NICU nurse until early April.

The superfetation twins have been a happy bit of pandemic content. Check out their mom’s joyous Instagram account above.

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