Reporter brings up puzzling issue about who actually funds “PAW Patrol” — and the theories roll in

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 22: A model walks the runway during the prerelease party and fashion show for Nickelodeon's PAW Patrol collaboration with Haus of JR on October 22, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Nickelodeon)

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Is the world behind Nickelodeon’s “PAW Patrol” one big conspiracy?

A reporter decided to dive deep into the inner workings of the kids show, and his questions left some on the internet more than a little bit shook.

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Martin Belam (@MartinBelam), a reporter for Guardian, took to Twitter to uncover the fictional figure behind the “PAW Patrol” agency in the CGI-animated series.

“Who is the never-seen-figure who is funding Paw Patrol, and why are they investing billions in ridiculous equipment for small dogs to operate, instead of funding proper emergency services in Adventure Bay?” he asked.

According to the show’s IMDB page, the Canadian series focuses on a pack of search and rescue dogs that work to protect the community Adventure Bay. The dogs, led by human Ryder, each represent a profession, including the police and firefighters. Considering the show has seemingly yet to address the just how the dogs carry around backpacks and tools, drive custom vehicles and talk, Belam’s question was definitely a good one.

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One person replied, “I’ve always assumed Ryder is some alternate universe Bruce Wayne whose mansion home was built over dog kennels instead of a bat cave.”

Another person’s theory involved the founder of Tesla. “It’s Elon Musk. Paw Patrol is just one big R&D project,” he wrote.

Someone else pointed out a major flaw in the show’s universe: a child seemed to be in charge of these professional pups, which is definitely a head-scratcher.

“The decision to put a minor in charge of the these dogs is also questionable,” they tweeted.

“They’re state funded,” posited another. “There was an ill advised referendum.”

Since this is a children’s show, it’s doubtful any little boy or girl is going to care much about the logistics of how Adventure Bay works. But I think we’re going to need some answers for these conspiracies.


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