Rescuers’ frantic search for a worker after a cesspool job went horribly wrong has come to a sad end

CBS New York/screenshot

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If you were going to compile a list of a thousand ways to die, this might rank up there as one of the worst.

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Two members of a New York construction crew were installing a cesspool in Huntington, Long Island just after midday Wednesday when a sinkhole suddenly opened up and pulled them in.

CBS New York/screenshot

While one of the workers was able to grab onto a piece of equipment to save himself from an awful fate, his co-worker wasn’t so lucky.

Before long, the man, sadly, was presumed dead. What began as a rescue became a recovery.

According to NBC New York, the collapse left “a gaping hole that consumed the entire front yard and ate the top half of the driveway.”

NBC now says that the worker’s body has been found.

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As Carolyn Gusoff of CBS New York said, the workers started digging a shift with a crane when they “realized they weren’t getting the proper drainage.” She said one worker was directing the crane when the sinkhole opened up.

CBS New York/screenshot

Rescuers responding to the scene used a giant vacuum in an effort to recover the remains.

The man has not yet been identified.

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