Ronda Rousey’s mom weighed in on her daughter’s recent loss: “I would like to see her retire”

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After Ronda Rousey’s upsetting loss against Amanda Nunes on Friday night, Rousey’s mother spoke to TMZ Sports about her future.

“I think she’s sad and disappointed, like anybody would be in the circumstances. So, I think she’s just trying to think about it right now – which I think anybody would do,” she said.

TMZ Sports asked Rousey’s mother if she would like to see her daughter retire. “I would like to see her retire,” she said.

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“I would like to have seen her retire a long time ago,” she added. When asked why, she responded and said, “Who wants to see their kid can hit?” She went on to explain that daughter has a lot more talent to offer including starring in movies, writing, producing.

“She’s really, really smart,” she said.

“You’re smart and beautiful,” she said of her daughter. “Let the stupid people get punched in the face — sorry stupid people.”

Rousey’s mother said that she will let her daughter make her own decision of whether or not she’ll retire.

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“If you get in a get in a fight with somebody or you’re angry that’s not the time to make a decision. So, I think decisions are best made when you’re not really emotional , and obviously losing something is a real emotional thing.”

TMZ Sports mentioned how she was never really fond of Ronda’s coach, Edmond Tarverdyan. When asked about what may have happened during the fight and if having a better coach would have changed the outcome, she said, “I have not changed my opinions, that’s all I have to say about that.”

Will Ronda retire? We’ll have to wait and see.

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