Sad video of women out drinking and driving on Snapchat before dying in a crash is another cautionary tale KDKA/screenshot

This is what it looks like when distracted and impaired driving turns deadly.

Police in Bethel Park, Pa. are telling the public that a Tuesday crash the resulted in the deaths of three women is exactly what can happen you drink and drive.

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Chilling video that had been posted on Snapchat before the crash showed 21-year-old driver Paige Nicole Smith, 17-year-old Heather Camisa, 23-year-old Bianca Herwig and 21-year-old Brooke Elizabeth Molnar drinking.

Smith, Camisa and Herwig were killed.


Molnar was taken to the hospital in critical condition.


Her sister Brianne, 27, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the group would often go out but “nothing crazy ever happened.”

“Any time they would go out, they wouldn’t stay out too late and they would go back to someone’s house,” she said. “Nothing crazy ever happened. But last night, things went to the left really quick.”

Brianne described her sister as “fully awake but confused” and with “no memory of Monday night.” She was ejected from the vehicle.

“I’ve hung out with them before,” Brianne said. “We would go to South Side — Mario’s, Tad’s, Jack’s — and it was always a good time. Everyone enjoyed themselves, dancing […] But things got really out of control last night. I’ve seen them drink and stuff, but I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“[My sister and Herwig] didn’t go back way too far,” she said. “I think they just met on social media recently and they’ve been hanging out.”


The deadly crash occurred around 1 a.m. after Smith crashed the vehicle into a telephone pole. Camisa died in the crash minutes after she was picked up by her friends.


According to KDKA, Bethel Park Police Chief Tim O’Conner called the crash “the worst he had seen in 40 years,” and added that this should be an example to everyone of the potential lasting consequences of drinking and driving.

“This was a very tragic accident, and it serves as an example of what can happen when you mix alcohol and driving in a vehicle,” he said. “I would speak to our teens and young adults out there, you’re not invincible. You may set out to have a good time, and that’s your intention, but when you mix alcohol and driving, you could wind up dead.”

Although the exact times the Snapchat videos were filmed ahead of the crash are not yet known, they provide a disturbing context to the crash.

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“We believe that the video was made at some point preceding the crash,” Chief O’Connor would add. “I’m not exactly sure of the time frame between the video being taken and the crash — that’s under investigation.”

The girls can be seen drinking vodka while in the car in the photos and videos. An empty bottle was recovered at the scene.

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