Savannah Chrisley Is Making Her Message Clear About Her Parents’ Pending Sentences

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE - NOVEMBER 05: Rampage X Creative Director and TV personality Savannah Chrisley makes a personal appearance at Belk at Cool Springs Galleria Mall on November 05, 2019 in Franklin, Tennessee. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Rampage )

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s hard to know the truth behind what’s going on with Todd and Julie Chrisley, the stars of USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best.

All we really know is the couple was found guilty of tax fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. At last check, they were awaiting sentencing while under house arrest.

With all that in mind, Savannah Chrisley, 24, said her parents and family are taking it day-by-day.

“The things people have said are just baffling,” Savannah said, via The List. “Don’t have an opinion if you’re not going to do your research.”

She later added: “If we continue to do right and treat people right and stand in our truth, then we win.”

This follows an Instagram post where Savannah wrote, “I will continue to stand by my family and fight for justice. Justice for ourselves and for others that the system has failed.”

Her parents face up to 30 years in prison.

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  1. Boo Hoo. They played with fire and got burned. Accept your sentence of 1000 years with calm. Your children will follow soon enough!!!

  2. Praying for you n your family n 🙏 that everything goes good in your favor, We have a faithful God…Keep your head up high n have faith….love you guys 😘

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