Savannah Chrisley Says Dad Todd Was ‘in a Lot of Therapy’ Before Beginning Prison Sentence


In January, Savannah Chrisley revealed that her father Todd had gone to therapy before starting his twelve-year prison sentence for financial crimes.

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In the most recent episode of her podcast Unlocked, Savannah Chrisley talked about how her father Todd has stopped using humour to handle difficult situations after going to therapy.

“I would say in the past years, he was in a lot of therapy, a lot of things happening in our life that caused him a lot of trauma and of just dealing with his own mental health,” she shared with addiction and mental health advocate Patrick Custer.

“He has started to … use his words a little more instead of his humor, and he’s able to discuss things better,” she continued. “He’s more patient, he’s able to dig deep into it instead of using humor as a deflection.”


Chrisley opened up about realizing that “our parents are human too.”

“I think it finally made me realize, OK, my parents aren’t super humans. They’re not superheroes,” she continued. “They’re human beings and they go through stuff like the rest of us do. They can’t fix everything. They can’t. And that was a big point for me, and I think it really broke my heart because I was like, What, they can’t fix everything?

“But, watching my parents evolve and grow into the people they are today, It’s been such an honor because I see especially in my dad like where he once was and where he is now,” she added. “And I’ve never been so proud of a person as I am of him, to see that growth that’s happened. So it is really awesome as their daughter to sit back and watch it.”

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