Kevin Kohler, known as the Backyard Scientist,  is a Florida native with a huge fan base. His YouTube channel has been described as a budget Bill Nye and a modern day “Anarchist’s Cookbook.” Kevin combines his passion for science with his hobby of filmmaking.

In this video, the Backyard  Scientist is back with a new video of molten aluminum.

This time, he deconstructs exactly how he melts the aluminum, and shows you the beginning wire before it is melted down into liquid form.  He starts by pouring charcoal into a metal trash can, and then puts some aluminum in a canister on top of the charcoal. And then sets the charcoal on fire. After that melted down, Kevin decided that wasn’t quite enough. So he added some aluminum wiring to the mix. Then, he gears up to pour the liquid into a pool.

What happens next?

The aluminum doesn’t explode. Instead, it falls down onto the bottom of the pool, making  really interesting shapes.  “In this video I pour over 5 POUNDS of red-hot molten aluminum metal into a pool. The metal makes a crazy noise and remains molten all the way to the bottom of a 6 foot deep pool,” he writes on YouTube. He also films the action from underwater to give you a view of what’s happening.

What’s next? In a later video he pours molten aluminum into a watermelon.  Somebody had to do it.  In case you’re wondering, Kevin’s parents are not thrilled with his experiments, especially when they want to use their own pool.

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