Google, Apparently, Thinks That Men Can Menstruate

In the latest edition of Big Tech destroying truth in the name of woke politics, Google is apparently convinced men can menstruate. 

Yes a simple Google search for “can men menstruate” returns the following featured snippet at the top of the results page, excerpted from TransHub:    

Notice the text that Google has bolded in that snippet, which aims to satisfy the search as succinctly as possible: “people of all genders menstruate”.  


The silliness doesn’t stop there. Google’s entire first page of results for the search shows a litany of links to misinformation, including the below, sorted by rank order: 

  • “Yes, Men Can Have Periods and We Need to Talk About Them” from The Daily Beast
  • “Men Can Have Periods Too, And We Need To Normalize This” from Scary Mommy
  • “For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical” from NBC News
  • “Yes, some men bleed: why JK Rowling is wrong that only women get periods” from The Times of India 
  • “Some Men Menstruate Too. Can We Talk About It Now?” from Feminism India.

The only link on the entire first page that appropriately responds to the search is all the way down at #6, an article from The Washington Examiner that is titled: “Sorry, but men cannot have periods”.  

These search results are not unique to me either. Data from search engine analytics tool GeoRanker corroborates the results, and political commentator Dave Rubin pointed out the same on his podcast recently. 

Data from GeoRanker

Now regardless of whether you are on the side of reason or fantasy as relates this issue, one has to consider why these search results are so political to begin with? Not a single one of the links point to an authoritative healthcare institution, but rather news networks and activist blogs.    

On the contrary, a search for just “menstruation” returns results from traditional healthcare resources like,, and   

Professionals in the search engine optimization community are familiar with the concept of “your money or your life content”, which is a subset of content that Google deems could impact the “the future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety of users”. Web pages that fit this description are subject to additional scrutiny and higher quality standards.

But it appears that when the subject is hotly politicized by the woke, Google suspends those quality standards.

What do you think?

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  1. A biological man cannot menstruate!! A biological man cannot become pregnant!! A biological man cannot breast feed a baby!! What fantasy island are you living on Google????!! This is as ridiculous as the New Jersey prisoner who is a biological man and a wantabe women. He killed his foster dad. Went to prison and they should of put him in with the males but no……he went into the womens prison. Fucked two women prisoners because he has a fucking penis and now there’s two babies involved!!! And he says he’s a woman?? I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Practically, no men do not menstruate and if they are having blood coming out of that area of their body they need to see a physician quick!
    Not sure if men trans-gendering to a woman would menstruate, as they don’t normally have ovaries(et al) that need to be flushed once a month. Like a woman after menopause.
    There may be many variations on this, but a “MAN” human, that is in no way, naturally or surgically, unique to the general scientific description of a male human, does NOT menstruate.

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