Mother Springs into Action to Remove Snake from Daughter’s Car


Nicole Graham, a mother and business owner from Texas, has gone viral for capturing a snake from her own chicken coop before it slithered away and found itself in the engine of Graham’s daughter’s car. Graham’s daughter captured her brave mom pulling the snake out of her car engine on video.

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The video depicts Graham pulling the snake in her chicken coop with a wooden tool while exclaiming that the serpent has laid eggs. More footage shows that Graham had successfully gotten the snake removed from the coop, but later footage showcases the animal trying to slither its way inside of the Mini Cooper’s engine. Graham is eventually able to pull the snake from the engine, even though the snake’s head was deep inside.

Snake Pulled From Car Engine in Texas

Graham spoke to Fox 26 about the matter, saying that the snake wasn’t venomous, so she really had no fear during the ordeal. Graham said, “Don’t try this at home. Picking snakes up, it’s not for everybody. Obviously, you always need to be cautious because it may not always be a nonvenomous snake, it could definitely be poisonous. So just be careful and do what you feel comfortable with.”

Graham’s business, The Garden Hen, teaches people how to be handy, including how to build chicken coops. Graham further told Fox 26, “I own a company called The Garden Hen, we are educationally based, meaning we teach lifecycle and skills in schools. We build backyard chicken coops, we kind of do everything under the sun cleaning is a big part of our business, cleaning chicken coops for clients.”

Graham’s daughter, Haylie, also spoke to Fox 26, saying, “[My mom] came running over to my car, I roll down my window. She’s like, ‘Haylie, there’s a snake in the chicken coop.’ “So I run over, I immediately as any teen would do start filming… It was crazy! And so my mom, she picked it up on like the stick, and then we brought it out. And then it ended up falling off the stick and then running under my car and then going up into the engine.”

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