Skier Escapes Near Catastrophe After Falling into Deep Crevasse in French Alps


A harrowing Instagram video of a skier named Les Powtos posted to Instagram depicts the man becoming trapped inside a glacier after falling through a snowy crevasse. Luckily, Powtos was skilled enough to be able to rescue himself from the frightening situation.

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The video begins with the skier traveling at high speeds down the Meije mountain, which is located in the French Alps, when he falls through the snow. As he slides down a pit of slush, he soon finds himself standing on top of an icy precipice overlooking what appears to be the inner workings of a glacier. The man is lucky he was able to find his footing and not fall into the abyss.

Instagram Video Features Skier’s Harrowing Experience

While the video ends without showing the man’s miraculous escape from an icy demise, it was reported that the skier was able to slip on crampons and use a pickaxe to try to climb out of the crevasse. While he got far in his climb, the skier was not able to fully pull himself above the huge crack in the ice. However, he was soon found by his friends who were able to pull him to safety with a rope.

People online reacted very strongly to the skier’s video. One Instagram user commented, “Incredible footage! Would love to see the footage of you getting out of there,” while another said, “Omg. Are you ok?” Most of the comments are actually about the nonexistent footage of the skier’s miraculous escape, which would probably be pretty epic if it did exist, so you can’t blame the curious Instagram users too much. One user quipped, “For all asking he is still there.”

It is not clear if Powtos was injured during the incident. However, based on the other videos that the skier posted to Instagram, it seems that the man still had a great trip to the Hautes-Alpes despite the shocking event.

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