The Backyard Scientist has a new and interesting experiment: What happens when you pour molten aluminum inside a watermelon?

Who among us has not stopped to ponder what might happen should we happen to have some molten aluminum and a watermelon AND a backyard all at the same time? No? That, my friend is why you are not The Backyard Scientist. Some see things as they are and ask why? Others see a watermelon and pour molten aluminum into it. Others, still, would rather just watch it on their computer.

The hypothesis for this “experiment” was that our innocent, helpless non-consenting watermelon would probably explode, throwing molten aluminum this way and that, but somehow not burning through Mr. Scientist’s jeans. But nay. It actually created a really cool figurine,  not unlike what happens when you do the same thing to an ant hill. Please don’t pour molten aluminum into an ant hill, by the way.

Maybe this is just jealousy, but, The Backyard Scientist could use some work on his pouring skills. A lot of the aluminum never gets into the watermelon at all, and a lot of also non-consenting grass gets burned. Also, is it a good idea to have your dog running loose while slinging molten metal hither and yon? Where’s OSHA when you need it?

You really can’t argue with the final product, after cutting up the watermelon, a pretty cool, delicate figurine is revealed. It looks a lot like a pinecone. Like a true scientist our intrepid backyard guy does the same thing to a second watermelon with even more aluminum and the result is an even larger aluminum pinecone sculpture.

Kids, can you say “don’t try this at home”?

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