Sesame Hit With Massive Lawsuit Following (Another) Racism Claim

The family is seeking $25 million in restitution.

Sesame Place Philadelphia is undergoing another claim of racism after apologizing for the first one just a couple of weeks ago.

Only this one could prove much more costly.

Earlier this month, a mother alleged that the Sesame Street character named Rosita snubbed her daughter during a parade. The children are black, and Sesame Place did in fact acknowledge that it was a bad look, and that it understood the cries of racism.

Now to today.

As relayed by The Blast, a different family has now filed a class action lawsuit, claiming Sesame Place also ignored them based on the color of their skin. Unlike last time, though, there is no video evidence to support such a claim.

The family is seeking $25 million in restitution.

“According to the court documents, a man named Quinton Burns says that the park and the costumed performers insulted black families and black children by refusing to engage with them,” The Blast wrote.

“Burns says the performers were more than happy to engage with white customers at the same event,” TMZ added.

Sesame Place said it is investigating the matter.

“We will review the lawsuit filed on behalf of Mr. Burns,” it said in a statement to TMZ. “We look forward to addressing that claim through the established legal process. We are committed to delivering an inclusive, equitable, and entertaining experience for all our guests.”

As for the little girls and mother  Leslie Mac, TMZ offered an update.

“TMZ spoke with Mac, who revealed that they had hired their own family attorney who has been speaking with representatives at Sesame Place Philadelphia to try to correct what happened,” The Blast reported. “They have floated the possibility of taking their own legal action against the theme park.”

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