Shakira Rejects Plea; Is Facing EIGHT YEARS In Jail, Millions In Fines

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Spanish authorities are saying it’s been a little too much whenever, wherever for Shakira when it comes to the idea of paying her taxes.

Now, the Colombian pop icon is facing a lengthy jail sentence and massive fine.

According to Spanish news website El País, Shakira has been accused of committing a whopping six cases of tax fraud — and prosecutors have recommended a sentence of eight years and two months, as well as a fine that amounts to about $23.5 million.

A hearing is set to take place in Barcelona in a few weeks, and Shakira will be called on to defend herself.

Per Fortune:

“Shakira first lost an appeal to have the case thrown out last May. And earlier this week, the singer refused a settlement deal offered by the Spanish judicial ministry that would have kept the case out of court. At the time, Shakira accused the prosecution of being ‘uncompromising’ and of applying ‘improper methods’ to pressure her into accepting a deal.”

Shakira attends the screening of Elvis during the 75th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 25 in France. (Photo by Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic)

The alleged fraud supposedly occurred between 2012-14. It was during that time frame, Spanish prosecutors allege, that Shakira was residing in Barcelona after striking up a relationship with soccer player Gerard Piqué. During that period, she maintained a fiscal residence in the Bahamas, yet avoided paying taxes in Spain, prosecutors say.

Meanwhile, Shakira maintains she did not officially move to Spain until 2015 and was traveling for much of the period in question.

But prosecutors have countered with receipts — which detail visits to hair salons, a pregnancy clinic and even a rented recording studio — to prove Shakira’s primary residence was Barcelona.

“Shakira’s lawyers are preparing their defense case for the hearing, and have said that the singer had ‘never resided in Spain long enough’ between 2012 and 2014 to trigger tax laws, while adding that the prosecution has relied on ‘indirect’ evidence to support their claims on Shakira’s residency,” Fortune wrote.

The possibility of a settlement exists, though at this point, it appears prosecutors are wanting to take this the distance.

Should Shakira avoid ail time, it appears she is looking to move to the U.S. She and Piqué split last month.

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