Sharon Stone Shows Off Stunning Bikini Body In New Selfie

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sharon Stone has done it again. The 64-year-old icon keeps stunning the world with her bikini-ready figure. It’s not that she even does this often—her social media is quite demure. But every so often, the actress drops a photo of herself in a nearly naked state, and jaws drop around the globe.

“Why do I always get in shape when summers over?” she captioned the post. In the picture, she’s taking a mirror-selfie and standing in a two-piece string bikini. A photo of Marilyn Monroe between bedsheets is on the wall behind her. It’s a two-in-one that almost strategically shows how hot Stone is at 64. Because the beauty of Stone and Monroe is honestly comparable.

Admirers flooded Stone’s comments section with flame emojis and praise.

“It’s never too late to be fabulous.”

“I think you & that bikini need to head to Australia and we can sit by my pool (while you motivate me to get in shape like that).”


“Lady, you’re always in shape to slay.”

“Hi. Divorced scientist. Have lunch with me.”

“You’ve always had a naturally great figure Sharon…. A garage bag would even look great around you lol…. Keep on empowering women! Becca from Florida.”

Topless Photo Of Sharon Stone Went Viral In July

Earlier this summer, Sharon Stone posted another bikini picture that went viral. That one featured herself topless with a simple blanket barely covering her nipples. She had her head cocked back at the sky and was laughing.

Stone has attributed her good health to a combination of Kundalini yoga, meditation, reading, ThighMaster, and arm jazz. She particularly enjoys taking yoga classes from Russell Brand.

The actress has also received a lot of hate and backlash in the past for daring to show skin. But she doesn’t seem to care at all these days. And really, why should she care? She’s a part of a long list of beautiful older women reinventing the definition of beauty these days. Cheers to that.

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