She got a job as a news anchor in Albania for two pretty big reasons

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The bosses at the Zjarr channel on Albanian television were so overwhelmed by what Enki Bracaj “brought to the table” at her screen test that she was offered a job as a news anchor right away.

Bracaj, who appeared as you see her below for her screen test, has become something of an instant sensation in Albania and her popularity has since spread to Serbia.

Screenshot/Daily Mail
Screenshot/Daily Mail

A spokesperson for Zjarr admitted to the Daily Mail that Bracaj’s presentation style is “somewhat awkward,” but added “we are working on that and to be honest it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm to her viewing figures.”

The 21-year-old woman was quite candid about her “presentation style” when asked.

“It is not easy to enter the world of television,” she explained. “So it was obvious that if I wanted to make it I had to be brave and offer something different.”

“I checked first with my parents and when I found that they also supported me in my decision, it wasn’t a problem for me to go ahead like this,” she continued. “There is not just a lot of competition to get on television, but also competition between the channels. I simply found a way to put myself ahead and also to ensure that my channel gets the best ratings.”

Bracaj is studying at university while she works as an anchor.

She is majoring in public relations.

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