Daniel Fitzpatrick, 13, committed suicide after bullying from five students at his Catholic school wouldn’t stop.

However, disturbing new details from a report from the Administration of Children’s Services allege that his parents Maureen and Daniel may have played a part in his unhappiness.

The Fall 2015 report obtained by the Washington Post said, “Danny said mom being drunk affects him in everything and makes him angry. He said dad also drinks, but controls himself more than mom. Student can’t remember a time when mom was not drunk often.”

The report went on to say:

Danny denies physical abuse by mom and dad, but says Kristen, his older sister, hides him in the attic or his room when mom is drunk. He says his dad and Kristen protect him.

Danny denies suicidal thoughts, but feels angry, sad, has thoughts of wanting to run away. Mother is blaming his teachers for his failures and has written several accusatory letters to school. Student is afraid of both parents anger.

Fitzpatrick’s family lawyer, Scott Rynecki, told The Washington Post that the ACS wrote the report as “part of a larger effort to discredit families that present problems” for the school.

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The New York State Office of Children and Family Services says that a child protection service found “no credible evidence” of maltreatment or abuse, according to a letter sent to the boy’s mother.

The letter went on to say that the report was “unfounded.”

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“The belief is that the Catholic school themselves put in some sort of claim and spoke to the child and somehow twisted his claims. ACS issued a letter, which fully and completely exonerated the family,” Rynecki told the paper.

NYPD said no domestic violence happened at the home as far back to January 2015.

“I gave up,” Daniel wrote in his suicide letter before taking his life. “The teachers […] they didn’t do anything.”

Daniel also said that the students would tease him about his weight and good grades and that school officials didn’t do anything to help stop it.

“They did it constantly,” Daniel wrote in his letter. “I ended up fighting [one boy] and got a fractured pinkie.”

Hundreds gathered at Daniel’s funeral at the Sacred Heart Church in Staten Island on Wednesday to pay their respects.

“Danny was the center of our world,” Eileen, the oldest sister of the Fitzpatrick family, told the NY Daily News. “He was the glue of our family. He was the favorite. We would have gone to the ends of the earth for our brother Danny.”

Daniel hung himself Thursday in the attic of his family home with a belt wrapped around his neck after being aggressively bullied by students at Holy Angels Catholic Academy.

His 17-year-old sister Kristen found him.

Melissa Gotleib is a content editor at Rare.
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