Correction: This article originally stated that Hasna Ait Boulahcen detonated an explosives vest and died. It has since been confirmed that Boulahcen died as a result of the suicide bombing, a police source said Friday. The suicide bomber was a man (Source: AFP).

Our headline has been changed to reflect this. Read the copy below in light of the new information.

Warning: you may find the contents of this video disturbing.

First there was audio of the shouting match between Paris police and female suicide bomber Hasna Aitboulahcen, whose blast killed French police dog Diesel, and now there’s video of the actual explosion.

The blast occurs at the :08 mark.

Now that fingerprints have confirmed the identity of Aitboulahcen, we continue to learn more about her radicalization, specifically that it may have been recent and rapid.

Prior to her association with ISIS, she lived a secular life, drinking alcohol and wearing cowboy hats, an attire choice that earned her the moniker “the cowgirl.”

“We saw her quite often and we called her ‘The Cowgirl’ because she was always wearing a large hat,” one of her neighbors said.

According to CNN, Aitboulahcen rarely worshipped at a mosque and her brother told police he’d never seen her open the Quran.

A bathtub selfie has also surfaced.

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