Shocking video of a cop slamming a student on the ground results in immediate leave for the officer

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A police officer has been placed on administrative leave immediately after the circulation of a video showing a female student being slammed on the ground at Rolesville High School in North Carolina.

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The officer had been assigned to the school since it opened in 2013, WTVD reported. He had also worked as a police officer at Cleveland State University, his LinkedIn account shows.

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A nine-second video started circulating on Twitter after a school fight Tuesday morning.

The Wake County School District’s official Twitter account responded to the video saying that school officials were aware of the video and were working with police.

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A second lengthier video showed what led up to the slam. Two girls can be seen brawling on the floor.

The officer was called to the scene and responded by throwing a student to the ground before leading her away with her arms behind her back. An eyewitness told WTVD that the girl was trying to break up the fight.

A witness speaking to WRAL identified the teen who was slammed as Jasmine Darwin. The witness claimed Darwin was breaking up a fight between her sister and another girl.

Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles announced quickly Tuesday that the officer involved, Ruben De Los Santos, has been placed on administrative leave.

Eagles also said that all police officers were given body cameras back in August. It’s not clear if De Los Santos was wearing one at the time or whether a body camera shows a different side to this story.

The North Carolina chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has already responded to the video, calling it a “disturbing use of force.”

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