Shocking Video Shows Robber Attacking Pregnant Woman While Pushing Stroller

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A pregnant woman pushing a stroller was attacked by a robber and it was caught on video. The 37-year-old mother was pushing a stroller with two children when a teenage girl ran up behind her and jumped her. The incident occurred in Ashfield, Perth, Australia around 12:40 p.m. on Monday.

The shocking video, made public by The New York Post, shows the 15-year-old teenager following the mother while riding a scooter. She speeds up to catch up to the mom, leaps off her scooter, and grabs her. The robber then rips the mother backward by her hair and starts dragging her on the ground.

The mother’s stroller collapsed as she tried to keep a hold of it. While there is no audio in the video, which appears to come from home security cameras, The Post claims that the children were screaming. You can see them lying on their backs in the stroller after it fell backwards to the ground.

The mom seems to try her best to pull back from the robber until she gets dragged off-screen. It’s unclear what happened after that.

The Teenage Robber Knocked Pregnant Mother With Stroller Down, Dragged Her by Her Hair

The Post reports that the mother “suffered minor cuts and bruises but fell on her stomach, with officers concerned for her unborn child.”

Authorities took the teenage girl into custody, and she is being charged with one count of robbery. There was no mention of the girl being charged for violently assaulting the pregnant woman.

The robber was allegedly trying to steal the pregnant mother’s handbag. She is scheduled to appear in Geraldton Magistrates Court on Sept. 13.

Later video contains audio, the teenage girl is heard cursing as the cops take her away. Someone is also heard sobbing.

A caption on the video states that Midland Detectives are urging anyone with information about the attempted robbery to contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-333-0000.

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