Shocking Video Shows Teens Brutally Attacking Student With Cerebral Palsy

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Videos by Rare

This may make your blood boil. A student with cerebral palsy and epilepsy was brutally attacked by a group of teens and it was caught on video. The incident happened last month at North Clayton County High School near Atlanta, Georgia.

Disabled Student’s Mom Calls for Criminal Charges After He Was Brutally Beaten at North Clayton County High

The mom, who does not want to be named, is calling for criminal charges. She said that she has no intention of bringing her son back to that school after what happened.

The teenage victim is a special needs student and can only use one arm due to his cerebral palsy. He and a friend were horsing around with a girl during gym class. She accidentally got scratched. Then a mob of students jumped on the disabled boy and started pummeling him while others looked on.

“I heard a whistle on the video, but not a teacher in sight,” the mom told Channel 2’s Tom Regan. “One of his friends, a girl, was breaking it up.” The mob continued to beat up the disabled boy for minutes before an adult broke it up.

The boy’s leg was seriously injured, and mom said he had trouble walking when she picked him up that day.

“I had to carry him out,” she said.

Victim Has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Had a Seizure When He Got Home

Once home, the boy went into an epileptic seizure that lasted minutes. The seizure quite possibly occurred because of what had happened to him earlier that day.

“It’s a pretty disturbing video… It’s truly amazing that this student wasn’t seriously hurt when he was attacked,” said Tom Regan.

Channel 2 then showed the video as well as photos of some of the boy’s injuries. His face was seriously beaten.

The mom didn’t want to watch the whole clip. “It’s terrible,” she said. “I can’t watch the video anymore.”

The principal at North Clayton County High has stated that action will be taken against the attackers. Whether or not they will be charged criminally is yet to be determined.

This isn’t the only case of teens bullying a disabled student with cerebral palsy. 14-year-old Brett Corbett was used as a human bridge over a mud puddle a few years ago in Nova Scotia, Canada. A shocking video showed students at Glace Bay High School ganging up on the disabled boy. The incident prompted the public to urge the school stand up to bullies. Unfortunately, the teens who bullied Corbett only received a light punishment.

Silke Jasso contributed to this article.

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