Single Mom Who Was Surviving on Food Stamps Now Makes Over $100K A Month on OnlyFans

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One way to be able to afford groceries is to plaster yourself on the Internet. And it probably won’t hurt if you’re scantily clad and can get people to pay money to look at you.

That is the story of Rebecca Goodwin of Nottinghamshire, England, who claimed she was forced to go on food stamps because of her low income. But then she started an OnlyFans account — and now rakes in $100,000 a month, she said.

 “I was living off six bags of food for myself and my two daughters for over a month,” Goodwin, 28, said, via the Nottingham Post. “I couldn’t even afford to throw my daughter a first birthday party.”

So she took off most of her clothes and went online.

“I started OnlyFans out of desperation and ended up making ($1,900) in the first 10 days. It was madness. I had never earned so much in a month before. Now I’ve been able to buy a four-bed house and a Porsche. My eldest knows about what I do and it doesn’t bother her at all.”

Now, before you judge, you must understand her plight. The single mother of two children was seemingly headed for homelessness.

Rebecca Goodwin on Instagram

“I was a single mom and I couldn’t work as I had a baby and wouldn’t be able to afford childcare for her,” she said, via the Post. “I was looking for things I could do from home, I had a lot of guilt over the things I couldn’t provide for them. We were living on six bags of food full of tins of soup and lots of Uncle Bens for over a month.”

There’s more.

“I couldn’t even afford formula for my baby,” she added. “I knew OnlyFans was a massive risk but I was desperate. I had asked for my third food voucher and they had talked about getting social services involved because I was struggling, I knew I had to give OnlyFans a try.”

Goodwin does what most women on OnlyFans do. She dresses in what are considered sultry outfits and people pay for the right to see her. Apparently, there are a lot of people willing to do so.

“I had dipped my toe in by seeing if people would buy content on Snapchat but I was still shocked. I made £1.6k in 10 days,” she said. “Then I started making £10k a month and now I make between £60 and £100k a month. I couldn’t apply for a mortgage because my job isn’t considered stable and I have a bad credit score because of my past.

Rebecca Goodwin on TikTok

“Just before I started Only Fans I was in £15k of debt and got a debt relief order. I saved for six months to buy a four-bed house outright.”

She added that she has no shame in running the account and raking in the dough, despite the fact her daughters are seemingly aware of how she goes about it.

“My eldest knows what I do and she’s not bothered,” Goodwin said, via the Post. “My youngest saw a gnome toy as I was opening it when it came through the post, and she said ‘is this Santa Claus?’ If they grow up around a sex-positive environment it is normalized.”

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