Slain LSU Student Madison Brooks Died ‘a Hero’ After Donating Heart and Kidney


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State authorities have issued an emergency suspension of the bar where Louisiana State student Madison Brooks and the four men she was with, three of whom were underage, were all served alcohol the night she was allegedly raped and then fatally struck by a car.

The 19-year-old was in Reggie’s bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before two teenagers allegedly sexually assaulted her in a car. The two other men were said to be present on January 15th and then left her to fend for herself. A driver then hit her in East Baton Rouge, and tragically died in a hospital hours later.

Ernest Legier Jr, who is a commissioner of Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control, told Fox News Digital through a statement that actions against the bar “immediately suspends the service or sale of alcoholic beverages.”

“The Louisiana ATC is working with Baton Rouge ABC and local law enforcement to investigate and share evidence regarding recent incidents at this establishment,” Legier Jr. stated. “Due to the seriousness of the allegations and the potential threat to public safety, an emergency suspension will be issued today.”

An emergency hearing is said to be held next month in order to determine “what penalties (if any)  should be imposed following a presentation of the evidence.”  After the four men were arrested, an LSU spokesperson had confirmed that none of the four suspects were students at the University.

A 17-year-old, who wasn’t identified due to his age, and Kavion Deondre Washington, 18, were charged with third-degree rape. 28-year-old Everett Deonte and 18-year-old Case Carver were charged with being principles to third-degree rape, which involves sexual intercourse that is “deemed to be without the lawful consent of a victim.”  This is all according to Louisiana state law.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office

On Tuesday night, the driver who had hit Brooks wasn’t being charged, according to a spokesperson at the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office. They stated that the individual driving the car was impaired and contacted emergency personnel right away.

Saying it was “time for action,” LSU President William F. Tate IV wrote a statement about the incident. “She should not have been taken from us in this way,” Tate stated.  “What happened to her was evil, and our legal system will parcel out justice.”

In a statement released by LSU on Monday, Tate wrote that Brooks “was an amazing young woman with Limitless potential.”

“Our collective grief and outrage cannot be put into mere words. So what can we do? It is time for action,” he stated. “One place to target our attention is the very place where this encounter began.”

Several documents regarding to the four arrests describe how the suspect and the victim were drinking alcohol at a bar called Reggie’s, located one mile away from the LSU campus. Tate didn’t specifically name Reggie’s in the statement.  

According to an autopsy, Brooks tested positive for THC and had a blood level alcohol of 0.319. This is nearly four times the legal limit for drivers, according to the said report. It also found “injuries consistent with previous sexual assault.”  According to Carver, he told investigators his friends and Lee didn’t know Brooks before they had met her at Reggie’s.  He went on to say that they were all drinking and that Brooks “was very unstable on her feet, was not able to keep her balance, and was unable to speak clearly without slurring her words.” 


When they were about to leave, the student then asked for a ride home. Carver stated that he agreed because “ he did not want to leave her while very intoxicated and the bar was closing.”

Brooks reportedly had trouble telling Carver, who was the one driving, where she lived and when asked for her address “fell over and could not answer him.” Carver said he drove a short distance and then parked and that he heard the 17-year-old ask Brooks whether she wanted to have sex with him five times.

That’s when Carver told authorities that she “gave verbal consent.”  He also went on to tell investigators that Washington asked Brooks numerous times whether she wanted to have sex  “and she consented,”  according to the arrest report. Carver stated that he and Lee, who was located in the passenger seat, remained in the car during both encounters.

When asked by investigators whether he thought that the student was too drunk to consent, Carver stated, “ I guess.”

According to her local sorority chapter members, Brooks died a hero after donating her kidneys and heart after passing away at the hospital. Funeral services are set to be held in Covington, Louisiana on Friday, February 3rd.

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