Snack Time At Elementary School Goes Sideways As Kids Drink Pre-made Margaritas

Snack time ain’t what it used to be.

A class of kindergartners accidentally drank tequila during snack time at a Michigan school after one of the students brought ready-to-drink Jose Cuervo margaritas to class in her backpack.

Several of the students drank some of it. They told their parents they thought it was juice. But the kindergartner who initially brought the drink in knew it was alcoholic, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

One kindergartner “felt woozy” and a “little dizzy” after having four or five sips from a Dixie cup, a parent said.

“The girl poured it in her cup and she drank it and the girl ended up telling her what it is, and she went and told the teacher there is liquor in this cup, and the teacher gave her a funny face,” Dominique Zanders, a mother of one of the kindergartners, said.

In a statement, the school said faculty called poison control when they learned the children had been drinking margaritas.

“While we try to keep an eye on everything our students bring to school, that’s simply not possible,” the school said in its statement. “It’s unfortunate that these types of adult beverages can be easily mistaken for child-friendly drinks.”

“I’m not sure if they are short-staffed or whatever, it shouldn’t have happened,” Zanders said.

The school said parents were notified immediately and told that their kids were okay.

Outraged parents are blaming the child’s own parents.

“If your child knows what it is, nothing wrong with it. But they should know not to touch it,” parent Alexis Smith said. “That it’s not for kids.”

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