Snowboarders Get Into Fist Fight 50-Yards Above Ground on Chairlift

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Who says snowboarding isn’t a contact sport? Certainly not a couple of guys in Park City, Utah, who got into it on a chairlift.

But it was more than just an everyday fight. It resulted in the police making some arrests.

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Both of the men were from Florida, so it only makes sense that they come to Utah if the idea is to snowboard. There’s probably not a lot of that going on in the Sunshine State. So perhaps they don’t know how to behave on the chairlift.

According to police, via TownLift, one man is 52-years-old, the other 39. The older guy elbowed the younger one in the face. The younger one threw some punches in response. He told police it was because he was elbowed first. All of this, again, went down when the men were 50 feet or so in the air. Also, there was a woman on the chair with them, she must have been so scared as well.

According to the police report, “In addition to denying saying he wanted to fight the other man, the 52-year-old denied elbowing the other man in the face. The County Attorney’s Office will be notified of this matter due to the conflicting statements made by the two parties.”

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Fighting on a chairlift? As a grown man? Suddenly, snowboarding has a whole new exciting element to it. Still, this could have gone way way worse, imagine if one of them fell off. That’s just a dumb way to get arrested and probably kill someone. Honestly, I expect this from teenagers, not grown ass adults. Talk about being childish.

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