Some Monster Tied A Dog To A Fire Hydrant, Left It For Someone Else To Care For

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Dog lovers’ hearts are breaking after a nearly six-year-old dog named “Baby Girl” was abandoned on a street corner. She was tied to a fire hydrant in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

A local resident, Kylie, saw the dog next to a backpack full of food, toys, and supplies. She states she waited over an hour for the owner to return to no avail. She eventually brought the dog to the local Humane Society.

The Wisconsin Humane Society has Baby Girl up on their website along with a note:

“This animal was found as a stray. If an owner does not claim him or her during the stray hold period, we will attempt to find this animal a new home. If you are the owner of this animal, please contact us immediately at the numbers listed to the left. Thank you!”

Photo courtesy of Kylie Engelhardt

Four separate numbers are listed on the Wisconsin Humane Society’s website in the event that anyone can identify Baby Girl’s owner.

For anyone who is wondering how someone could abandon their pet like this, Best Friends Animal Society has some interesting data:

“Pets are relinquished to shelters for reasons related to the owner’s circumstances at roughly a ratio of 3 to 1 as compared to reasons specific to the animal. Unlike what many may believe, the animal’s behavior is not a leading reason for surrender.”

Top reasons for getting rid of a pet include housing issues, already having too many pets, a family death, not liking the pet’s personality despite them not being aggressive, and financial worries.

While abandoning your dog on a street corner isn’t quite considered “animal cruelty,” there is no question that it’s a terrible thing to do.

Still, if you ever find yourself in a devastating situation and need to relinquish your fur child, please give them the dignity of bringing them into a (non-kill) shelter. And please, don’t leave them alone, terrified, and stranded on a street corner.

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  1. So sad. The idea of abandoning any of my babies even to a shelter just breaks my heart ❤️. I just can’t bear the thought of being so destitute and desperate 💔 😢 that I would ever have to leave my dogs or cats. I know that there are overwhelming issues that come up in people’s lives. But for the grace of God go I. I pray 🙏 every day that the lord will always help me provide for my friends all of their lives until they depart from my care to heaven.

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