Sorry Netflix Fans, You Won’t Be Able to Share Passwords in 2023

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Videos by Rare

If you want to watch Netflix and chill, you’re going to have to use your own password, with your own account. We know. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Nevertheless, Netflix is aiming to end “password sharing” in 2023 — putting an end to the more than 100 million accounts that the streaming giant estimated are logging on with someone else’s password.

Until now, Netflix has always just sort of looked the other way and let it go. Now, it is preparing measures for such practices.

How does Netflix intend to do all this?

Game Over, Netflix Fans

Well, we aren’t quite sure yet, as it hasn’t been said yet. Today, it tries to limit password sharing to those who live together, monitoring users’ IP addresses, device IDs and account activity.

But people who don’t meet any of that criteria have been able to share passwords anyway.

Fittingly, the move comes at a time when Netflix lost more than 200,000 paid subscribers, marking its first year of negative growth in a decade, per Apple Insider.

It apparently will attempt to make up for that by soon offering a lower-cost, ad-supported option. Along with that, it recently added a feature that lets subscribers remove the log-ins from their accounts entirely.

So logging in has become even simpler. But that may change if you don’t log in the first time with your own password.

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