Special Prosecutor in Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Case Resigns

Andrea Reeb, the elected special prosector in the Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ shooting case has resigned today, local reports from New Mexico detail.

The New Mexico First District Judicial Attorney released this message on her behalf…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

After much reflection, I have made the difficult decision to step down as special prosecutor in the ‘Rust’ case. My priority in this case—and in every case I’ve prosecuted in my 25-year career—has been justice for the victim.

However, it has become clear that the best way I can ensure justice is served in this case is to step down so that the prosecution can focus on the evidence and the facts, which clearly show a complete disregard for basic safety protocols led to the death of Halyna Hutchins. I will not allow questions about my serving as a legislator and prosecutor to cloud the real issue at hand.

Andrea Reeb resignation

The Baldwin team had reportedly filed a motion to dismiss Reeb from the case because an attorney representing Ms. Hutchins, the victim, had donated to Reeb’s 2022 Election campaign.

A report from KOAT reads…

The Baldwin defense team also had filed a motion to remove Reeb as the special prosecutor in the case. Their claim was that after Reeb won a seat in the New Mexico House, she could not participate in any executive or judicial branch of government due to the separation of powers.

David Halls was an assistant director for the film and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of the negligent use of a firearm. Along with his plea agreement, Halls’ defense attorney Lisa Torraco contributed to Reeb’s political campaign in 2022.

Halls was able to reach a plea agreement, unlike Baldwin and film armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.


This comes as the more severe ‘firearm enhancement’ aspect of Baldwin’s charges were dropped just days ago. A CNN report reads…

The manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin relating to the 2021 fatal shooting on the set of the movie “Rust” have been downgraded by prosecutors in New Mexico, which will reduce the prison time the actor could face for the death of the movie’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins.

The move comes after attorneys for Baldwin filed a motion this past month to have the firearm enhancement charge dropped, arguing prosecutors were incorrect.

A statement released by Heather Brewer, a spokeswoman for the New Mexico First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, said the enhancement charge was being dropped “to avoid further litigious distractions by Mr. Baldwin and his attorneys,” adding that “the prosecution’s priority is securing justice, not securing billable hours for big-city attorneys.”


Baldwin’s attorneys are knocking this case out of the park. We have to feel sorrow for the Hutchins family. How terrible that their daughter’s death is the subject of such public visibility.

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