MSNBC reporter’s shot ruined by a few frollicking T-Rexes who stole the show


MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson is a familiar face to news junkies. She’s the White House Correspondent for the network and hosts “MSNBC Live,” but on Thursday, Jackson’s segment was upstaged by a trio of T-Rexes causing mischief in the background of her shot.

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Immediately, Twitter users caught onto the prehistoric guests, and photos of the costume carnivores roughhousing behind the reporter went viral.

Jackson is with the rest of the White House press pool that follows President Trump and was in Palm Beach, near the Mar-a-Lago resort where Trump is spending the holidays. Normally, Jackson shoots her show in a studio overlooking the dome on Capitol Hill, but she was able to take in some sun while following the commander-in-chief down south. Thankfully, somebody at MSNBC was able to run back the tape and get us a high quality shot of Jackson’s segment.

One Palm Beach native was even on the ground and was able to capture some high quality photos the dinosaurs roaring and jumping around behind the MSNBC set.

The internet quickly started spitting out “Jurassic Park” jokes, and even Jackson got into the fun, tweeting, “at least it wasn’t gators.”

When Twitter dedicated a “moment” to her, Jackson even quoted “Jurassic Park,” tweeting, “After careful consideration, I’ve decided not to endorse your park.”

Those feisty T-Rexes (or at least some looking exactly like them) in the background of Hallie’s shot have actually been popping up all over the place. We’ve seen them conducting an orchestra, shoveling snow, befriending alligators and even getting married.

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