Take a look at the sign seen hanging from an off-campus home that’s sparked an investigation Twitter/@Fox19

A sign seen hanging in front of an off-campus home at the University of Cincinnati has sparked an investigation as accusations of misogyny swirl.

The sign reads “Your daughter got a gag reflex?” and was first spotted last Saturday when many parents were helping their kids to move in for the fall semester and was taken down by Thursday, according to Fox 19.

The origins of the sign are currently under investigation.

“The banner builds a predatory environment, and no student should ever fear for their safety on campus,” student government said. “Undeniably misogynistic, the comments contribute to rape culture by objectifying women. Our institution upholds the values of respect and Inclusiveness.”

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Last year students at Old Dominion University came under fire after a sign reading “Freshman Daughter Drop Off” was seen hanging above a door.

It happened at Ohio State too.

Recently, sorority girls at the University of West Virginia were criticized for their signs.

Some said “This is not okay and it’s not very funny either,” while others said criticizing the women was missing the point and that their signs were a statement about the kinds of signs we’re discussing here.

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