Tennessee drivers had a major case of the Mondays on the road, and ice and rain conditions are to blame.

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The situation got so bad that the Tennessee Department of Transportation advised drivers to stay off interstates, state routes and local roads unless absolutely necessary.

The Knoxville Police Department shared numerous images of Monday crashes.

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Cars and trucks alike had difficulty with the weather. Overturned cars and jack-knifed tractor trailers caused major delays on I-40, I-275, I-75 and Alcoa Highway.

The slick road conditions stacked up cars in such volume that the Knox County Sheriff’s advised drivers in minor crashes resulting in no injuries to exchange information rather than phoning these in as emergencies.

Traffic also went on for miles on I-75 due to a major 35-vehicle pile-up that sent at least 15 to the hospital.

The National Weather Service said a winter weather advisory will remain in effect until 5 p.m., Knox News reported, as “Temperatures are expected to remain at or near freezing through the early afternoon hours.”

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