‘Terminal List’ Author Defends Amazon Series After Negative Attention

Not everyone is a fan of Amazon Prime’s new action thriller, The Terminal List. As we relayed last week, critics and fans appear to be split on the limited series starring Chris Pratt.

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But Jack Carr, who wrote the book on which the show is based, says all that matters is what the audience thinks of it. And right now, the audience is giving it a major thumbs up.

Pratt plays James Reese, a former Navy SEAL. Carr is a former SEAL himself.

“It falls right in line with everything that I understand about the current culture and climate in America right now. It seems to have triggered quite a few of these critics,” Carr said on Tucker Carlson Tonight, via Devdiscourse. He continued, “The 95 percent viewer rating, audience rating, makes it all worth it.

“We didn’t make it for the critics. We made it for those in the arena. We made it for the soldier, sailor, airman and Marine that went downrange to Iraq and Afghanistan, so they could sit on the couch and say, ‘Hey, these guys put in the work. They put in the effort to make something special and make a show that speaks to them.’ And that 95 percent rating lets me know that we at least got close.”

Carr served as executive producer for the series, along with Pratt and Antoine Fuqua. The Terminal List holds an audience score of 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to just a 43 percent critic rating. It’s the former that generally carries more weight.

“They call this the No. 1 series on Prime Video,” he said of the viewers.

For the man who wrote the book, that is clearly good enough.

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  1. The only issue we had was it was so vary dark, at times seemed as if there was a filter or muted, not sure if that is how it was filmed or if that is Prime Video streaming.
    It was frustrating , made it hard to make out what was happening on screen.

    • This seems to be a trend with some current productions. I am not sure why. But I was complaining about this happening in another currently streaming series and a friend told me it has become more commonplace to see this technique. Maybe it sets a particular mood? Underscores a theme? I don’t know but we are viewing the action and would like to see the actors. All it does is cause frustration.

  2. Thank you for making a great show. It is about people that have worked hard for our freedom and deserve our loyalty. Please continue making shows for real American people.

  3. I’ve watched the series twice now, which speaks for itself. It kept me engaged like one long movie. I didn’t want to stop watching!

  4. Very well done, and a very good choice for the lead actor, Chris Pratt who brought a level of realism to the role that I feel would have never surfaced with some other big name male leads. While I really enjoyed the whole series, I found it to be a little too predictable at the end which seems to have wrapped it up in one season. Also, being a fan of the Taylor Kitsch, I was hoping that another ending might be used to have the audience “chomping at the bits” for a second season, where Chris Pratt’s character and Taylor continue on the quest for revenge.

  5. I don’t trust critics take on movies or shows. Critics loved the Anthony Hopkins movie Remains of the Day! I couldn’t wait to see it! I was soooooo disappointed! What a snoozer! One of the great actors of our time and the critics dictated the Oscars and it was awful!

  6. We absolutely loved Terminal List! Please keep up the good work and give us another great series to watch!

  7. We absolutely loved terminal list! Please keep up good work and give us another good series to watch👍🏻

  8. It’s the true feeling of all the men in spec ops. It’s the belief in America and what patriots are willing to do and sacrifice for that belief. It’s also a story of the greed that is so prevalent in Washington and inherent in politicians of today. Carry this line, a line in the story of The Terminal List with you and you will begin to know the men … and maybe a bit more.

    “If I should not return one day just know that I was with good men who I loved very much.”

  9. watched 2 episodes, love it so far just having a hard time seeing why Carr would grant tucker carlson an interview

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