Terrifying Video Shows Passenger Warning Pilot Before Fatal Chopper Crash

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Newly released video of a terrifying Sea World chopper crash last week shows a passenger frantically warning a pilot before the collision. Four people were killed and eight more were injured, with three in critical condition including two children. The choppers collided on January 2, in Gold Coast, Australia.

Tragic Sea World Helicopter Crash Killed 4 Passengers. 3 More, Including 2 Young Boys, in Critical Condition

The video shows a passenger trying to get pilot Michael James’ attention while repeatedly hitting his shoulder. Seconds later, glass can be seen shattering everywhere. The footage was taken by a passenger in the backseat.

Two Sea World choppers carrying tourists collided at a low altitude of below 150-meters, resulting in numerous fatalities.

Ongoing investigations show that James’ helicopter crashed into the tail of the other aircraft. James was landing while another pilot Ash Jenkinson was taking off. The main rotor blades and  gearbox on Jenkinson’s helicopter broke apart and they went crashing into a sandbar below. Four people were killed on impact, including a British couple (ages 57 and 65), a 36-year-old mother, and Jenkinson (age 40).

Nicholas, the 10-year-old son of deceased crash victim Vanessa Tadros is in critical condition in the hospital. Another mother on Jenkinson’s flight, Winnie De Silva, and her 9-year-old son Leon are also in the hospital with serious injuries.

However, everyone onboard James’ helicopter survived. Pilot Michael James miraculously managed to land his chopper on the same sand bank as Jenkinson. James is being praised as a hero for keeping everyone safe.

Warning: This Video Contains Violence and May Be Disturbing for Some Viewers

Witnesses told 7 News Australia that they saw the two Sea World choppers collide above them in the air before falling. Bystanders rushed to help the victims straightaway, administering CPR, and dousing a fuel-covered passenger with water.

“The surviving pilot, he was very dazed and confused,” a witness named Ron told the news. “I don’t think he could actually believe what had happened.”

Despite being in a state of shock, pilot Michael James was the one to pull 9-year-old Leon out from the wreckage.

Ron also said that James was asking him if Jenkinson, his friend, and colleague, was alright.

Two New Zealand couples were aboard James’ helicopter and sustained non-critical injuries. They thanked Michael James in a letter for keeping them safe. Additionally, photos show some of James’ passengers splattered in blood and holding hands, in shock after landing.

“Our pilot, Michael James. You are our hero. You landed the helicopter safely and kept the bystanders and us safe. We are eternally grateful to you,” they wrote in a collective statement.

The surviving couples also thanked the bystanders, off-duty paramedics, emergency personnel, and everyone else who had assisted them in the past days.

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