(Warning: This article contains photos that may disturb some readers.)

Luis Zambrano of Medina, Texas has been stumbling upon deer carcasses for a while and he’s recently decided to take to the internet to ask what might be killing these animals. Take a look for yourself.

The deer seen in the photographs are Axis Deer or Chital. These animals are not native to Texas — instead they’re from India. The mammals are considered an invasive species. According to the Texas Invasive Species Institute, they were introduced in 1932 as controlled game meat. Today they are still mostly kept on private ranges, though the institute estimates that somewhere around 6,000 are in the wild.

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Like a lot of Texans, Luis keeps the animals on his range for hunting. But some creature has been sneaking in during the night and hunting down the deer. The bite marks on the animal’s throat are pretty strange, take a look.

Facebook/Luis Zambrano

There’s also a possibility that it’s a big cat. There are a number of cats native to Texas, including jaguars, mountain lions and bobcats. All of them might have been able to take down this deer.

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