Texas Police Officer Who Gave Homeless Man a Feces Sandwich Fired Again

San Antonio Police

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A police officer in Texas didn’t have just one incident involving poop — but two. One is more than enough, no?

Anyway, the first involved giving a feces sandwich to a homeless man when Matthew Luckhurst worked as a police officer in San Antonio in 2016. After some legal wrangling, in which Luckhurst appealed his dismissal, he was ultimately fired.

Later, it was revealed he purposely failed to flush after using a women’s restroom, then spread fake feces around the rim of the toilet.

He said the toilet incident was just a gag and apologized. “In hindsight, it was immature,” he said at a hearing, via KSAT.

Matthew Luckhurst Fired

Not long after all this, Luckhurst was hired by the police department in Floresville, Texas. But once his crappy behavior in San Antonio was revealed, the public outcry began.

People did not think Luckhurst should still be employed as a police officer, and eventually, the city agreed. So he was fired… again.

“Matthew Luckhurst was released from employment with the Floresville Police Department,” Floresville mayor Cissy Gonzalez-Dippel said in a statement. “Our city manager, Andy Joslin is implementing stricter hiring policies for all city of Floresville employees. He is also working with Chief Herrera on the Reserve program.”

In other words, if you’re paid to protect and serve, you have to be careful about what you serve. Especially if you’re handing out sandwiches.

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  1. You should never be allowed to be a city or state employee ever again with it working with the public especially a police officer are any other public place

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