Texas Woman Runs Over Neighbor in Dispute Over Trash Cans

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A dispute over a couple of cans got trashy when a Texas woman allegedly ran over her neighbor, causing the victim to suffer a concussion.

Lakisha Broomfield made the allegation, saying her neighbor, Sydney Harris, got into her SUV and plowed into Broomfield’s trash cans — and Broomfield herself, sending her six feet away and onto the ground.

Broomfield can make a strong argument, as in these days of iPhones and ring doorbells, nearly every incident can be captured on camera.

“I can’t believe any person would hop into a car and hit a person the way she hit me,” Broomfield told WFAA TV.

Texas Woman Runs Over Neighbor in Dispute Over Trash Cans

The ongoing neighborly feud has been ongoing for several years, Broomfield said, with Harris allegedly also placing ranches on Broomfield’s doorstep at throwing rocks at Broomfield’s house.

“I’m having some PTSD, a lot of anxiety, a lot of panic attacks. I just want the peace,” Broomfield said. “Peace of mind and no issues.”

You know what they say in Texas, go big or go home. this lady definitely went big, to the point of getting herself arrested for doing something stupid. Honestly, she should probably pick up some anger management classes because if this is how she reacts to a minor inconvenience, imagine a big one. this lady was about to murder someone, without her even thinking about it, over a trash can.  good lord, what’s up texas, are you the new Florida?

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