The aging socialite known as “Catwoman” and the “Bride of Wildenstein” is now engaged.

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The designer boyfriend who accused Jocelyn Wildenstein, 76, of slashing him across the chest with scissors, throwing hot wax on him and battering with a tray during a separate argument eventually saw the felony assault charge dropped due to a lack of evidence and has, months later, popped the question.

According to the New York Post, Wildenstein is now sporting 32-carat diamond engagement ring. Wildenstein also brought charges against Lloyd Klein, 50, alleging that he shoved her.

Those charges were also dropped.

The pair is saying that the court drama made them realize they were perfect for each other. They reportedly messaged each other in secret like “naughty schoolchildren” though they were ordered not to contact one another.

Wildenstein said the fight was “just one night”

“It could have destroyed our relationship but it didn’t,” she told told the Daily Mail. “We were not supposed to speak directly afterwards but he sent me sweet messages through friends.”

“It was romantic, dramatic and wonderful. I showed Jocelyn the ring and she said, ‘Yes!’ She was in heaven,” Klein said of his marriage proposal.

“It doesn’t matter how much it cost. I have many rings and pieces of jewelry. I love this one because it came from the heart,” Wildenstein would add.

Wildenstein’s changing appearance over the years due a rumored $5 million in plastic surgery has been the subject of many videos.

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