The creepy lengths a man allegedly went to “steal” a woman he met online are simply insane WRTV/screenshot

An adult college student from Georgia faces charges of attempted rape, criminal confinement and theft after an apparent plot to “steal” a woman he met online away from a wedding in Indiana, to which he tried and failed to be invited, was uncovered.

Kung Bik Cem, 19, WTSP reported, met his victim online weeks before the wedding and wouldn’t leave her alone, despite her attempts to end communication.

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The woman, who’s from Illinois, traveled to her cousin’s wedding in Indiana in March 24. Cem insisted that they meet at the wedding.

Although the woman ignored texts and calls, Cem appeared nonetheless after traveling from Lifeway Baptist University in Jacksonville, Fla.


The man took the victim’s phone to see why she didn’t want to be with him and reportedly searched for his picture “so that he would know she still loved him.” He said he wouldn’t give the phone back unless they talked in his car.

That’s when the woman really knew she was in trouble.

Cem allegedly said he planned to “steal” her and bring her back to Georgia so they could get married. The woman tried to leave, but Cem wouldn’t allow it because “he loved her.”

After the woman was able to stop the car, police say Cem attempted to rape her in the backseat of the car so she would get pregnant and have no choice to marry him.

But members of the public who saw what was going on dialed 911.

Thankfully, a trooper arrived just in time. Trooper Joseph Malone observed the woman screaming and trying to escape, while Cem’s pants were unbuckled and his genitalia exposed.

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Cem was cuffed on the spot.

“My training kicked in, I just removed the situation, I neutralized the threat. You could see the general relief coming off the lady’s face as he was in handcuffs,” Malone said. “I greatly thank the public because if the public didn’t say anything then this situation would have escalated to an even worse situation.”


Cem would later explain in court that “in his culture, this type of behavior and action [are] customary.”


The law doesn’t see it that way.

The Georgia man is being held at the Johnson County Jail on a slew of charges.

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