A 20-year-old woman who was being held captive along with seven others in a suburban Atlanta mansion after they had been recruited as dancers through a website called “Seeking Arrangements” is being credited for busting up a human trafficking operation with her courageous 911 call.

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The victim, who has not been identified, called police with an emergency, saying that her “boss,” 33-year-old Kenndric Roberts, threatened to kill her if she left the million-dollar Sandy Springs premises.

The woman made the desperate call early Tuesday in noticeably hushed tones.

WXIA transcribed the whole call. Here is an excerpt:

Caller: I’m in a very bad situation, and I need to get out, and I was planning on leaving today.

Dispatcher: So what do you want the police to do?

Caller: I’m asking what do you think I should do?

Dispatcher: What do you mean you’re in a bad situation and you’re trying to get out? What does that mean?

Caller: Like … it’s a house of full of girls and, like, if I try to leave, he’ll try to kill me and stuff.

Dispatcher: Wait – did you say you’re in a house full of girls?

Caller: Mmhmm.

Dispatcher: And somebody threatened to kill you if you leave?

Caller: Mmhmm.

Dispatcher: Who is threatening to kill you? One of the girls?

Caller: No, our boss.

Dispatcher: Your boss?

Caller: Mmhmm.

Dispatcher: Who’s your boss?

Caller: Um… I don’t know his full name..

Dispatcher: OK, how old are you?

Caller: I just turned 20 in December.

The woman described Roberts as her “boss” and said that she didn’t know his full name. She later mentioned the website “Seeking Arrangements.” She said there were weapons in the home, including “handguns and an AK.”

She said that Roberts threatened to kill her if she left “many times.”

Police responded to the call around 8 a.m. and brought the women to safety. They also arrested Roberts. The FBI assisted.

According to WSB-TV, Sandy Springs police Sgt. Sam Worsham said Wednesday that police believe Roberts was “luring these women to this house with promises of either modeling careers or financial assistance,” though he said police are not “100 percent sure on that.”

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Roberts is being held at the Fulton County Jail and faces the charge of human trafficking.

It’s not clear at this time how much prison time he’d face upon conviction.

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