The ex-nanny of a Florida teen who allegedly killed his grandmother says he once walked around with a machete

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A former caretaker of a 15-year-old Florida teen who allegedly killed his grandmother is speaking out about her terrifying ordeal as his nanny five years ago.

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Debbie Gallardo, 55, answered a ad to watch 10-year-old Logan Mott five years ago. The overnight nanny gig paid $350 per month, but it was far from enough to cover the outright terror she suffered on the job.

During the second night of her short tenure, she observed Mott holding a machete like “a torch” and walking down a hallway of the home.

“I saw Logan coming down the hallway wearing no shirt and boxers. He was carrying a knife like you would carry a torch,” she told the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

It was a hunting knife — large, but not a machete. The kind of knife you would use to skin a deer. The blade was a good 15 or 16 inches long and the end curled up. I was terrified. I said: ‘Logan, what are you doing?’ He was walking very slowly. I said, ‘What are you doing?’ He said: ‘Oh, I heard a noise.’ I said: ‘Where did you get that knife from? Put it on the table.’ There was a table to the left of him so he set it down. I said: ‘Are you awake?’ He said: ‘Yeah, I heard something.’ He told me it was OK because the knife was his. I was like, ‘oh my gosh.’ I went in my bedroom that night and locked the door from then on. It was very scary for me to see a child with a knife that big. I was unnerved. I didn’t know if he was in a trance, if he heard a noise or was trying to impress me.

Gallardo’s job didn’t last long — from February 2012 to May 2012 — but the story stuck with her, and stands out in her mind now that the teen has been arrested for allegedly shooting and stabbing his grandmother, Kristina French, 53.

Mott was staying with French while his father was on a vacation with his girlfriend.

The teen and his grandmother were reported missing on Nov. 21, and he was declared a person of interest Thursday after French’s body was found in a shallow grave.

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The Jacksonville, Fla., boy was arrested as he tried to cross into Canada in French’s stolen car last week.

He is currently being held in a Buffalo, N.Y. jail awaiting an extradition hearing Dec. 1.

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