It’s not often that you go swimming and step on a live grenade.

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A 9-year-old boy on Saturday was swimming near Belton Lake at McGregor Park within minutes stepped on an object, examined it, realized it was a grenade, shouted that it was a grenade and hurled it to the shore.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the kid discovered the grenade with a pin in it as he was swimming in the water, picked it up yelled “grenade” and threw it.

The child’s father called the cops and moved the grenade away a safe distance away from people at McGregor Park.

The police called in the Fort Hood Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit and the grenade was detonated without incident.

How and why the grenade got there is unknown, nor do authorities know how long it was sitting in the water.

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The park was shut down so the grenade situation could be taken care of, but it has since been reopened.

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