After 23-year-old Foued Mohamed-Aggad was confirmed Wednesday as one of the ISIS suicide bombers that terrorized Paris on Nov. 13 at the Bataclan concert hall, Said Mohamed-Aggad spoke publicly about his son’s heinous acts and said he “would have killed him [himself] beforehand” if he had known what he had planned.

Ninety people died at the Bataclan that night.

“I would have killed him beforehand,” Said Mohamed-Aggad told AFP. “I have no words, I only found out this morning.”

Reportedly, a text from the terrorist’s wife in Syria was sent to his mother it the end of November.

“Your son died a martyr with his brothers on November 13,” the text read. DNA evidence confirmed Mohamed-Aggad’s identity one week ago.

Former soccer coach Denis Theilmann told AFP that he remembered Mohamed-Aggad as a “very nice boy,” but one was “easily influenced.”

Mohamed-Aggad’s friends, meanwhile, said they remembered he liked to get drunk and stoned.

(H/t NYDN)

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