The father of three of Larry Nassar’s victims attempted to take justice into his hands in a shocking courtroom moment

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The father of three sexual assault victims of disgraced doctor Larry Nassar attempted to seek his own revenge in court.

“Give me one minute with that bastard,” Randall Margraves said moments after being restrained by court deputies.

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Randall Margraves was placed into police custody for lunging at Nassar during his Friday morning sentencing. He was blocked from making contact with the for USA Gymnastics doctor by his attorney Matthew Newburg before being held down by three officers. Prior to the failed attack, Margraves’ three daughters — Lauren, Madison Rae and Morgan — had read victim impact statements addressing Nassar’s sexual assault and molestation against them and over 150 former athletes and young women, reported USA Today.

“I would ask you as part of this sentencing grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon,” Margraves said following after his daughters spoke. He asked the judge for only a minute before being denied, when he ran at the convicted doctor. The lead prosecutor on the case, Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis, issued a harsh warning to the entire courtroom after the explosive reaction.

“You cannot behave like this,” Povilaitis said. “This is letting him have his power over us.”

Margraves daughters were a few of over 50 victims — including Olympic champions Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney and Simone Biles — who read statements describing Nassar’s crimes against him.

“I was told to trust him, that he would treat my injuries and make it possible for me to achieve my Olympic dreams. Dr. Nassar told me that I was receiving ‘medically necessary treatment that he had been performing on patients for over 30 years,’” wrote Maroney in a letter sent to Judge Janet Neff during Nassar’s December child pornography sentencing.

“As it turns out, much to my demise, Dr. Nassar was not a doctor, he in fact is, was, and forever shall be, a child molester, and a monster of a human being. End of story! He abused my trust, he abused my body and he left scars on my psyche that may never go away,” Maroney continued.

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Judge Rosemarie Aquilina issued a massive 40-175 year sentence against Nassar last Wednesday, slamming the disgraced doctor for his molestation crimes against the young gymnasts, which spanned years.

“I just signed your death warrant,” she said. He had already been sentenced in December to 60 years in prison after investigators found more than 37,000 images of child porn on Nassar’s electronic devices.

Before his sentence, Judge Aquilina read parts of a letter written by Aquilina in which he complained about his treatment and his accusers, claiming that he was being victimized in an attempt for them to gain attention.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” he’d written, causing audible gasps from the women throughout the courtroom.

“This letter tells me you have not yet owned what you did,” Aquilina responded in disgust. “You still think somehow you are right, you’re a doctor, that you’re entitled, so you don’t have to listen. That you did ‘treatment.’ I wouldn’t send my dogs to you, sir.”

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